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Description:   PHP ID-Man lets man-pages translation administrator manage translators and their translations easier using web-based administration tool.

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Lightweight PHP SMPP API Lightweight PHP implementation of the SMPP 3.3 and SMPP 3.4 API. Includes the SMPP receiver and SMPP transmitter implementations.

MACL - My Access Control List (for PHP) MACL - My Access Control List. Originally intended as a slimmer "Tiny ACL for PHP". Written from scratch with an optional simple & demonstrative user authentication system for easy creation of loosely coupled systems. Based on Orbit42-Base Class 3.0.0

Lybra PHP Framework Lybra will be a PHP based framework entirellyprogrammed with OOP structure. With the framework api will be easy to develop modulefor any possibile action, the framework will use alsosupport for XML-RPC to interface to other product suchphpColla

MVC Lt for PHP MVC Lt is a lightweight MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for PHP. MVC Lt provides an easy to use architecture that doesn't try to be too constraining. It provides a controller and model generator and uses Smarty for the View implementation.

Mazen's PHP Chat Mazen's PHP Chat is a completely PHP4 based Chatsystem. Like other Chatsystems it doesn't use meta-refreshes to pull the chatlines from a MySQL-Server, it does a kind of server-push which continuously streams the Chat-Messages tp the client-browser.

Konekta - PHP framework Konekta - fast and simple MVC PHP 5+ framework. Sponsored by Agencja Interaktywna Peers Group PHP framework

LDAP Utility Class for PHP This is a utility library to encapsulate the operations and functions that deal with LDAP (Lighweight Directory Access Protocol) for PHP. The main purpose for this PHP script package is to simplify the process of accessing LDAP services for any org.

Moderated chatserver using PHP/mysql ModChat is a very small chatserver using PHP and mysql. Rooms can be moderated or not. Traffic is minimized through javascript document.write an dynamic refresh-delay. Now with easy integration into phpcms.

PHP MySql Call Loging and Report A PHP MySql Call Logging Web based System. Tracks time of call, callers logon id, problem, History, Notes pertaining to call, Employee who worked with caller. Reports Call by Employee, Problem, Location. Brings together helpful link pages when aiding re

AutoSitemap AutoSitemap is a useful tool that allow you to create and modify the google sitemap of your site visually.Unlike the other tools, AutoSitemap can add dynamic URLs with serial parameters (eg. http://d/show.php?id=1, http://d/show?id=2..)

PHP Hypercacher PHP Hypercacher is Fast and Extremely easy to use PHP Accelerator (cacher) based completely on PHP (It does not require any server mechanisms except PHP itself to function). It works with any PHP script and most of popular CMSes.

PHP ID3 and MPEG metadata reader A simple and fast implementation of an ID3 metadata reader. It supports ID3 v1 to v2.4. It is also capable of reading MPEG specific attributes like the bitrate or sampling frequency of MPEG-1/2 Layer 1/2/3 files.

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